Adult Concierge Medicine

*Due to Covid, we do not currently have monthly exercise or lectures at this time.  Additionally, hospital visits are limited by hospital policy. 

A First-Class Healthcare Experience We Believe Every Patient Deserves

Monthly Lectures

Get to know your doctor on a personal level. Each month, Dr. Kramp or another medical professional provides resourceful lectures and opportunities to get to know each other better. 

Same or Next Day Appointments

Your time matters to us.  We are able to offer same day or next appointments to our concierge medicine members. We recognize how important it is to be seen right away when you have a health concern.

Monthly Exercise

Reap the benefits of monthly walks and exercise with your primary care doctor. These walks provide another opportunity for Dr. Kramp to gain a better understanding of your physical and mental well-being. 

An Evolution in Primary Care

Taking the Patient Care Experience to the Next Level

First-class healthcare personalized to fit your unique lifestyle and medical needs.  Medically necessary house calls, 24/7 mobile phone access, assisted hospital visits, and more.  

Matthew Kramp, DO is board certified in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine.  His desire is to care for his patients in a manner he envisioned when he went to medical school; combining the style of the old-fashioned country doctor with the science of modern medicine.  ​

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What's Included In A Concierge Medicine Membership?

Our personalized healthcare experience offers adults like you the specialized care you need to improve your health now and in the future. 

How Does This Work With & Without Insurance?

Medicare Patients

Medicare will be billed for services that they traditionally cover.
Concierge fees will cover services not covered by Medicare.  

Private Insurance

Concierge fees can be paid with HSA or FSA dollars.
Treatments are reimbursable from your insurance; detailed receipts can be self submitted. 


You will have a doctor who will know you well. 
You will be able to see him when you need to; no additional fees.
Urgent care available;  no additional fees.

Non-Concierge Patient Care

If you are not interested in Concierge Care, the doctor will see you on a pay-as-you-go basis. Appointments are done during normal business hours only. 

Cash: $100 + $25/ 15 minutes

Medicare Accepted

Other Insurance is pending